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Hi, I’m Anita, I help luminous souls to remember who they are so they can bring unique gifts to a world that needs our Light.

We are living in challenging and uncertain times and I believe, a crucial moment in human evolution. To get through it we need to take self-responsibility as individuals and raise our consciousness as a collective. This requires some deep healing of old wounds as well as up-levelling our daily thoughts and behaviour.

Your personal contribution to the world is precious. Living a life true to who you are creates a ripple effect that is felt by everyone around you. I believe the highest path one can take right now is to reconnect with your own unique essence and to live a life of authenticity and integrity.

I teach people the foundations of their human story in this lifetime, using the systems of Human Design and the Gene Keys. Based on the date, time and location of your birth we can explore your unique energetic blueprint; the way your energy works, the best way for you to make decisions, and the unique set of gifts and strengths you bring that serve your higher purpose.

From the perspective of Human Design it’s all about WHO YOU BE, rather than what you DO when it comes to living a purposeful, authentic life. And there is no one else quite like you.

The way I work.

 The way that I work with clients has evolved over time and will probably continue to evolve for the rest of my working life. In this declaration I offer permission to others to step into what fascinates them and allow continual expansion. This is what keeps us alive, interested and continually growing.

After 30 years in the field of health and wellbeing as a clinical practitioner as well as a coach and energetic healer I bring all of my skills and experience to a client session. One of the aspects I loved when finding Human Design was the holistic mind-body-spirit, approach and that integration of these aspects is key.

Where others may view it as more of a ‘typing system’ I see and work with Human Design as a field of potential and possibilities. It can result in profound positive change for someone on all levels of their Being if they choose to embrace the information and use it as a tool for creation.

There are several ways we can work together;

Human Design chart Readings: Live & recorded

Living your design: Five-week group coaching program


“I have been very lucky to experience Anita’s healing both remotely and in person. Both are incredibly powerful. Her unique combination of different modalities allows for such a deep healing experience. In this world where it feels increasingly difficult to speak your truth, during these sessions I felt truly seen and heard without judgement or expectation. Each time I have a session I feel like I uncover another layer to myself, another layer that needs the light shining on it or another layer to myself that is to be honoured”. ~ Francesca Purcell

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