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The Great Work of Inner Awakening

What if I told you, the most radical thing you could do in the world right now is to awaken from within and reconnect with your True self. This entails learning how you function best physically, emotionally, and energetically, mastering the way you’re designed to make decisions and taking ownership of your gifts and your value so you can share them with the world.


Your personal contribution to this extraordinary time in human evolution is needed. You’ve already gone through an external awakening process – unlearning and re-learning how society really works. It’s been an intense and paradigm shattering few years, but you inherently feel the energy has shifted and it’s time to step into a new way of Being.

I feel you weary seeker

Deep down we know as Souls we chose to be here for this time and yet some days, we drop into overwhelm at the state of things in the world and our perceived, limited control.


The biology that allowed us to survive a physical threat can just as easily be kicked into gear by a fearful or anxious thought. Before we know it, logic is out the window and we’re emotionally reactive, rather than calm and connected to the present moment.

Being different and part of a minority in terms of the way you think, having the knowledge, doing the research, and holding the energy can be exhausting when it’s prolonged. Many of us are tired of reacting but feeling stuck when it comes to creating what we want in our lives. It can feel like walking in circles or treading water, rather than moving constructively towards our goals. Maybe it’s time for change?

“Your own self-realisation is the greatest service you can render the world”.

- Ramana Maharshi
The world is changing fast and so are you. Old ways of Being and even the goals that used to excite you may seem less relevant. You know there is something better for you but don’t know how to take the first step. Allow me to guide you in this process or self-realization.

Hi, I'm Anita

I help conscious creators seeking Truth and Freedom to remember who they are, so they can reconnect with their power as individuals, create lives they love and share their unique gifts with communities.


It’s a challenging but exciting time to be alive and I’m here for it with my whole Being. I’ve been doing my own ‘inner work’ for a long time, and I love sharing what I’ve learned along my own journey with others who are ready to step into their power and shine their Light in the world.

My Offerings

Discover Your Magic

Unlock the keys to your creative power; learn how to manage your energy; leverage your unique gifts and strengths and live a purposeful life.


Your unique Human Design chart revealed to you in a 90 minute session live on Zoom with Anita. Learning your design often makes so much sense as to why you are the way you are. It brings clarity to the mystery of YOU.


Find Your Flow Coaching

An in-depth, personalised coaching program designed to deepen your Human Design experiment so you can find your flow state and create a life you love.


This is a 3 month personalised coaching program that takes you from ‘woah’ to ‘go’. We dive deep to uncover the real you and begin to strip away the conditioning of who you thought you were so that you can live a life on purpose.