Human Design, Energy Healing & Coaching for people who want to create A better world

 Hi, I’m Anita and I’m here to help others rekindle their inner pilot light and remember who they are so they can heal individually and bring their unique gifts to world.

We are living in challenging and uncertain times and I believe, a crucial moment in human evolution. To get through it we need to take self-responsibility as individuals and raise our consciousness as a collective. This requires some deep healing of old wounds as well as up-levelling our daily thoughts and behaviour.

It’s no small thing!

Your personal contribution to the world is precious. Living a life true to who you are creates a ripple effect that is felt by everyone around you.   

The people who are drawn to work with me know this. They have an inner calling to make a difference and an inner yearning for a more loving, peaceful and abundant existence. I call them my Light Warrior tribe and I am simply here to help guide them on this journey.

The way I work.

Human Design: Your personal design chart gives you an insight into the unique gifts and strengths you came into this world with. It helps you to understand how your energy is designed to work and gives you insight into your decision making strategy for success in all areas of life. Knowing your human design is akin to having a manual on the magical Being that is you. 

Healing: Works beyond the mental level into the realm of the metaphysical and subconscious. Part of the session is talking and the other is spent in deep relaxation. Healing sessions often break through mental barriers to provide unexpected practical insight and guidance on issues you are struggling with. You will leave the session feeling lighter and having some practical actions to follow up with. 

Coaching: Helps you see how you are getting in your own way. Once you understand how your brain has been hijacked by faulty beliefs and patterns, we can undo these self-sabotage behaviours and make real progress towards your goals. A coaching session is talk-based and great for someone who processes while ‘talking it out’. You’ll leave the session with greater clarity and suggestions to put into practice. 

There are three ways we can work together;

individual coaching sessions

energetic healing sessions

human design readings

“A friend gave me Anita’s contact details when I was trying to get back on top of things after experiencing post-natal depression. I had been put on antidepressants and had a few sessions with other professionals but what was different about Anita was her immediate ability to put me at ease. I felt safe to say anything and not be judged, something I’d been finding hard as a new mother who couldn’t connect to the ‘joy of motherhood’ as I thought I should. Anita helped me work through my feelings and let go of the shame. She helped me come up with a plan to enhance my sleep and nutrition, ask for support from my family and schedule important ‘me time’ every week. She also taught me some mindfulness and breathing techniques that have helped enormously when anxiety rears its head. These days I feel more confident about coping with the demands of motherhood”. ~ Becky

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