These offerings help you re-member all parts of You & re-mind yourself of the gifts, power and light you have to share with the world.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”
~ Anais Nin

Here are the ways we can work together:

    Human Design Readings

      My own search for understanding in these challenging times led me to Quantum Human Design™. This system comprises elements of Western Astrology, Chinese I Ching, The Chakras and Quantum Science. It is not a predictive modality as Human Design acknowledges that we all have free will to express ourselves as we choose. But it does give you the blueprint of who you really are. It also speaks to this transition we are all going through as a collective and offers hope for the future of humanity in which each individual is recognised for their unique gifts.

      Who is it for?

      Human Design is for everyone. It’s the ultimate integrated approach to help us really understand ourselves and others with compassion. It enables us to see our shadows as well as our inherent light and the gifts we are here to share. This system offers a way to understand ourselves as the WHOLE beings we are. If you are curious to know yourself at a deeper level, this is for you. 

      How it works

      In this session I translate your unique chart, based on your date, time and location of birth. You will learn how your energy works, how to best make decisions, the unique gifts you are here to share with the world and how to know when you are hiding out in your shadow rather than stepping into your potential. Allow 90 mins for your session and it will be recorded on Zoom. You will be sent the recording along with a document summarising the key points blended from your Human Design, Gene Keys and Astrology. 

      Human Design Recorded Reading

        As another option from the live reading, I offer personalised recorded readings for people who are busy and want to learn about their design in their own time. Perhaps our time zones are difficult to co-ordinate, you’ve got little ones and being on a call for 90 mins is just too tricky or you just don’t love being on Zoom for that long.

        The other reason a recording can be a great option is when the reading isn’t for you, but for a partner, friend or child. I often have this request from parents of teens who are in that tricky phase of life, working out who they are in the world. Teaching someone about their design can really help them to move through life’s challenges, while also validating their awesomeness! 

        How do I order one

        Please follow the link below to order your recorded reading and then use my calendar link at checkout to schedule a 30 min chat so I can personalise this reading for you. If time zones or availability is an issue, don’t stress, we can do this part via email. 
        You will need the following details for whomever the reading is for:

        • your date of birth
        • accurate time of birth
        • location of your birth

        Please note: If you don’t know your time of birth please get in touch so I can talk through some options for you in order to get an accurate reading. 

        Individual Mentoring sessions

          A mentoring session is where you get to bring anything that is niggling, causing you pain or keeping your stuck, in any area of life and we nut it out together. My job is to listen and ask good questions that help you gain clarity on the issue. I work intuitively using a blend of coaching, visualisation, energetic clearing or healing and EFT together with the knowledge of your Human Design. You’ll leave the session feeling lighter, with a greater understanding of your issue and confident to take the next step, which differs for each person.

          My approach

          I’ve developed my unique style over many years, studying and practicing different modalities. While it’s mostly conversational, I believe strongly in the importance of somatic experience as a source of our own inner wisdom. Therefore guided visualisations, breathing and EFT are sometimes woven into sessions, gently supporting the client to clear and decondition from old beliefs while accessing a deeper truth for a more profound transformation.

          How it works

          Sessions are 60 mins via Zoom and it’s preferable (though not essential) if you’ve already had a reading with me so I know your Human Design. Mentoring sessions can help you with general decision making; relationship/ communication issues; parenting strategies; issues related to your work in the world and your purpose; stepping through fear barriers or limiting beliefs to manifest what you want or helping you to do some deeper work around self-love and acceptance. 

          “I had a Human Design reading with Anita that really made an impact and I’ve since changed the way I see myself and make decisions on what is right for me. Self trust has always been a challenge due to my upbringing but the reading gave me the confidence to listen to my gut and make decisions accordingly. It also reminded me of what comes naturally and how I can step into my full potential, it left me feeling excited about what is possible.” ~ Sharon