Human Design

So, what’s Human Design all about?

A Quantum Human Design™ Reading feels like someone is speaking directly to your soul.

We all want to live authentically and we want to connect with others who really see us and support who we are but how do we do this when we’re not entirely sure of who we are?

‘Of course I know who I am’, you’re thinking. But what if some of the traits and stories you’ve come to identify with are NOT actually who you are but adopted coping strategies, projections and meanings you’ve taken on board during your journey through life.

~ Wouldn’t it be great to have a way of discerning between your life lessons and what you need to be responsible for but recognizing and releasing what’s not yours to carry through life?

~ Wouldn’t it be amazing to know about the unique strengths and gifts you bring to the world and how best to share them?

~ Wouldn’t it be a relief to understand why certain ways of doing things don’t seem to work despite huge effort and instead learn new ways that bring results more easily?

About Human Design reading

My first Human Design reading felt like one massive A-HA. I learned so much about why parts of my life have been a struggle and how to shift my awareness and behaviour to create more ease. Specifically, I learned why traditional marketing techniques didn’t lead to success in my business; why aspects of my relationships were so sticky and where my deep sensitivity and empathy comes from. I learned that underneath my calm exterior is a bundle of energy that needs to be thoughtfully directed and I’ve learned that the wisdom I’ve gained is highly valuable to others, not everyone, but those who resonate with my energy, values and message.

How does it work?

A Human Design reading offers insight into the blueprint of who you really are and what you’re here to do. It also provides you with everything you need to know to live your highest potential. There is no such thing as ‘missing the boat’ or ‘too late to the party’. If your past has been more struggle than flow it can help to explain why and give you the tools needed to flip the script and create a new reality.

Quantum Human Design™ specifically brings new language and understanding to traditional Human Design and it was this layer of feminine energy and empowering language that really resonated and drew me in. I’m excited to be sharing this life changing wisdom with you.

Foundational Readings: 75 mins, $180 NZD