Surrendering to Change and Finding the Upside


As we anxiously read news updates on a global situation that is changing by the hour, so much feels out of our personal control right now.

Anxiety and uncertainty is running high, your ability to focus may feel like a constant battle.

I want to gently remind anyone feeling this way that this is the feeling of the COLLECTIVE. This is the global energy and it’s shaking us on a cellular level. To be able to focus well right now and ‘just get on with it’ would be to ignore what we are dealing with. Or worse, to not even feel it!

That said, being forced into changing the way we live at such a rapid rate is incredibly unsettling.

Surrender is the easiest way through this


Surrendering to the situation as it is right now. Bringing yourself back into the present moment, not just once but gently and regularly though your day.

Coming back to present time stops us from retreating to past events and traumas that heighten our fight/ flight mechanism.

Coming back to present time stops us from rushing into the future and creating worlds of worst case scenarios that have no basis in reality.

Being here now is the only way out of this and surrendering to the present and what is, the best thing you can do for your body and mind at this time.

Leaning in


When you can surrender and lean in to the reality it might surprise you that there is freedom and positivity available to us in the same moment as uncertainty and fear. It’s a paradox but that’s the way things work, light and dark coexist together always.

My husband was explaining to me this morning how his company are forcing change to the way they work. Instead of people flying and driving all over the North Island to sit in meetings, they are having to set up video conferencing. My first thought was ‘that is how we should be doing things from this point forward’. In a world where reducing carbon emissions is drastically needed, the old way was beyond crazy!

Many of the ideas suggested to deal with this crisis are being proposed as short term strategies only. After this temporary inconvenience we’ll all be able to go back to ‘normal’. But what if we surrendered to the changes and to our old ways of life in that process and opened to new and better ways of doing things?

Good things can come from these changes if we are prepared to stay open and lean in.

When we lean in and surrender to the idea of halting or reducing our travel we realise that less cars on roads and less planes in the sky will mean a drastic reduction in carbon emissions, a chance for Mother Earth to breathe.

When we lean in and surrender to being reliant on local production and manufacture, local people with varying skills to support us, this benefits our community networks and relationships as well as our local economy.

When we lean in and surrender to less consumerism, giving up shopping as a hobby or pastime and instead using what we have, sharing with others what we no longer need and becoming really conscious about our purchases, we save money and reduce impacts on the environment in a huge way.

When we lean in and surrender to slowing down, and being around home more, being more connected with our families and communities we notice more of our surroundings. It’s an opportunity to become really conscious about you feel in your home and make adjustments. Perhaps it’s also time to address healing wounds in our relationships.

I’m aware that forced change will also bring many challenges and problems that we need to find new solutions for. But these solutions will come quicker and with greater ease when we open and surrender to the present situation rather than expend all our energy resisting it.

The first step in putting this into practice looks like this……


Acknowledge where you are right now, in this moment. This includes the pain, the worry, the inconvenient truth of it all, then take a big deep inhalation and exhale loudly, deeply, however it feels good to you. Let it go, move your body, You’re on your way.