These offerings support you to strip away the old beliefs and patterns that hold you back so you can step into all that you are.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”
~ Anais Nin

Here are three ways we can work together:

    1. Human Design Reading

      My own search for understanding in these challenging times led me directly to Quantum Human Design™. This system comprises elements of Western Astrology, Chinese I Ching, The Kabbalah, Hindu Chakras and Quantum Science. Anyone who knows my background in science and metaphysics does a huge laughing eye roll and says ‘Of course!’

      Who it is for

      Human Design is for everyone. It’s the ultimate integrated approach to help us really understand ourselves and others with compassion. It enables us to see our shadows as well as our inherent light and the gifts we are here to share. This system offers a way to understand ourselves as the WHOLE beings we are.

      How it works

      A Human Design Reading is a 1:1 session in which I decode your unique chart, based on your date, time and location of birth. You will learn how your energy works, how to best make decisions, the unique gifts you are here to share with the world and how to know when you are hiding out in your shadow rather than stepping into the full expression of YOU.

      2. Individual Coaching

        A coaching session is the ultimate investment in YOU. It’s having a trained practitioner listen to your dreams and your struggles and then help you come gently back into alignment with your truth. You’ll leave the session feeling lighter, with a greater sense of clarity and confidence about taking your next steps, which differ for each person.

        My approach

        Embodied alignment coaching is a unique style I’ve developed over many years, studying and practicing different modalities. It’s mainly talk based however, I believe strongly in the importance of somatic experience as a source of our own inner wisdom. Therefore guided visualisations, breathing and EFT are sometimes woven into sessions, gently supporting the client to access a deeper truth for a more profound transformation.

        How it works

        This is the easy bit! I don’t run programs or require long-term commitments like many coaches. If you like the sound of my approach simply book a single session and we’ll go from there.

        Sessions are 60 mins via Zoom and cost $150 NZD. You’ll receive written notes with suggested actions after your session. Book using the button below or use the contact page to message me your availability requests and we’ll try to work something out.

        3. Workshops & Small Group Coaching

          Dip your toe in with a workshop

          From time to time I teach small group workshops on topics that inspire me so much I just have to share. They are a low cost way to sample my work. My most recent class was called Decision Making by Design and we looked at how to best make decisions according to your unique Human Design.

          My workshops are informal, content is delivered with love and active involvement encouraged. It’s not a lecture in other words. I want you to go away with a new tool you can use in your life that will give you direct results and help connect you to your truth. To be informed of upcoming workshops join the ‘Rise and Shine’ mailing list or send me a note through the contact page.

          How group coaching works

          Currently I have one small coaching group in progress. We meet monthly on Zoom and share our challenges and our wins in a safe, supportive environment. All current participants are women who run their own businesses while also juggling many other roles in life. I am open to creating other groups of people on a journey of self-growth who are in similar circumstances so get in touch if you have an idea for how we can work together.

          During the call you’ll have an opportunity to be coached on a particular issue or just witnessed, supported or cheered on by the group. We don’t show up as perfect, we show up exactly as we are each month. It’s about acceptance, inclusion, connection, support and learning. In line with my values, this is a low-tech offering, there is no accompanying Facebook group or any other social platform to add to your schedule. We use Zoom and email, that’s it. Register your interest in small group coaching by sending me an email through the contact page.

          “Working with Anita over these past twelve months is one of the best things I’ve done for my health and wellbeing, and for my personal growth in general. Her gentle, compassionate approach as a coach has provided a safe space, free of judgement, to show up exactly as I am. Together we’ve been able to work through and explore some big issues that were not just impacting my health but had also been holding me back in my business. I’m so grateful to Anita for her work with me over this past year. And grateful that she’s given me some beautiful tools that I’m able to use myself – along with the confidence to work through feelings and emotions that before I would have avoided or ignored.” ~ Brigid