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I’ve always been deeply curious.

I was an empathic, sensitive child, a rebellious teen and an adult who has both sought out and been handed some challenging life experiences. While not an easy ride, it certainly taught me resilience, how to weather the storm internally so I can hold steady in unpredictable times like these.


I see what’s going on here, on this planet right now is a gift and an opportunity. I know that sounds crazy but honestly, most of us were sleep-walking off a cliff. This is all happening FOR us and through, us whether we honour that Truth or not.

Responsibility = The Ability to Respond

There are certain groups within our community who talk about grabbing the popcorn to watch the show, or waiting to be saved or transformed into higher dimensions by something or someone outside of them. I am not them and they are not for me or my work. My approach involves taking full responsibility for yourself and your life choices. It’s the only healthy way forward in my opinion.


My highest values are Love, Truth and Light and I honour these in everything that I do and create as well as who I be, in the world. I’ve followed my heart to create a life that I love and while I’m continually tweaking my own experience to improve, in general, I’m happy with where I’m at and grateful for the lessons that helped me to get here.

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This part is your Divine spark. Let’s ignite it!

It’s no coincidence that so many of us are here at this time co-creating the awakening on Planet Earth. You are here now because of that calling. There is a part of you that wants to know what it feels like to make decisions from an inner authority that you never have to second guess. A part of you that desires success on your terms, as a powerful creator of a better world.

Informal credentials

  • Deep curiosity in the human psyche
  • Going through and overcoming many of my own crises
  • The endless work of deconditioning
  • Great sensitivity, that I now see as a gift
  • A love for the interconnectedness of all things
  • Grounded spirituality, I love combining logic with ‘woo’

Formal credentials

  • Quantum Human Design(TM) Level 2 Certification (currently working through Level 3)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) from Wellpark College, Auckland, NZ
  • Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, Wellpark College, NZ
  • Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine, Wellpark College NZ
  • Coaching certificate from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, USA
  • Coaching certificate from BY Coaching Academy, Melbourne
  • Certificate in Energetic Healing from The Energy Healing School, New York
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of Melbourne
  • Post graduate studies in Arts Curatorship from The University of Melbourne

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