Hey there,

You’re here because you want to live from a place of truth. You want to feel connected to who you are at your core and unapologetically radiate that out into the world. The energy is takes to maintain any other facade is too much. This is your time to step up, drop old stories, do away with fear and just BE YOU. 

You desire to connect with like minds and hearts and contribute in your own unique way, sharing your gifts with others. These last few years have been life changing, illusion shattering years. They’ve probably dragged some wounds up to be healed and put old beliefs in the spotlight to be sorted through.  You’ve accepted the challenge and now you are ready to BE part of the change so needed in our world.

What can I help you with?

A lack of clarity: I can’t tell you the number of times clients have begun a session with ‘I should be happy/ content/ successful because I have x,y,z….but something’s just not right’. In other words, you don’t have to know the exact nature of the problem when you come for a session. Clarity comes from doing the work to really know who you are. So rather than just sitting on the meditation cushion waiting for divine inspiration to drop in, why not brave up and have a conversation. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and held in that space while you sort through your feelings, fears and deep desires is usually far more productive than waiting. The Universe loves to meet us halfway so taking the first step to get curious may give you the impetus and energy to continue putting one foot in front of the other on your road to self discovery. 

What is my purpose? This is a common question that clients come with for a reading or mentoring session. And I totally relate to this being a primary concern and motivation to know yourself better. There’s a deep yearning within some of us here on Earth at this time to make a positive difference. We feel called to something that is bigger than just us as individuals and know that when we are in flow we are contributing to an energetic shift that ripples out across the world. This is both exciting and daunting at times because it comes with real responsibility. And yet, it’s also deeply fulfilling to know that we matter and are part of something monumental. One of the first things I teach with Human Design is that ‘who you Be’ matters more than ‘what you do’. And that when you are Being who you are at your soul’s essence the doing part will follow naturally.

Owning your power, your gifts and seeing your magnificence: A human design reading will throw light on who you really are at your core, remind you of your natural gifts and strengths and encourage you to put them to use in the right way for your design. I consider the reading to be a serious pep talk from the Universe/ God/ Source to honour your awesomeness. Many empaths, light workers and highly sensitive souls (like me) have struggled with self-love and acceptance. It’s almost a mandatory requirement for our journey on the road to help others. We’ve often passed through one or more dark nights of the soul, we’ve touched rock bottom and had times where we did anything but honour our light and our greatness. But if you’re serious about helping other individuals and raising the collective consciousness at this time, it’s important to be working on healing your wounds and living from the highest expression of your gifts. 


What to expect

My style of communicating is gentle, honest and energetically clear. I am told by many clients that I have a knack of explaining Human Design to them in simple terms that they not only understand but can relate to in a practical way.

In a live reading its mainly me doing the talking as I take you through your chart but there is plenty of space to interject, ask for clarity or ask questions. A mentoring session is guided by your needs. Bringing one topic as the primary issue you’d like support around is a good base to start and if we have time then we can delve into other areas. I will challenge you when necessary and hold you accountable, however ultimately I’m here to guide and support your journey. I can’t run the race for you or fix what is yours to remedy but I’ve got your back. 

Clients who have worked with me and taken full responsibility for their lives, have experienced increases in the abundance of love, wealth, freedom, peace, empowerment and personally defined success. It starts with a single decision, to ask for support on a personal journey of reconnection.


“I knew something needed to change. I’d been experiencing headaches and troubled sleep for months and I knew there was more to it than ‘probably hormones’ as I’d been told. I had no idea what to expect from my Human Design reading & subsequent mentoring sessions. I was blown away with how accurate it was, I felt like I’d been fully seen for the first time. The mentoring session brought an issue to the surface that I’d been avoiding and needed attention. Almost as soon as I acknowledged this things began to improve. I don’t know if I could have figured this out alone or by looking at it from just a physical viewpoint, it’s been life-changing”  ~  Evelyn


Your Coach

Some of my identities include mother, wife, Aussie born, Kiwi adopted, surfer, writer, seeker of truth and advocate for the shining light in others. I prefer a simple existence, I live in a small town on the coast and couldn’t be without books, art, music and the ocean.

I came to this work via a long windy road of self-development. I’ve pursued different routes of learning from formal tertiary education to mentorships with some brilliant but more ‘woo’ teachers. My top values include Love, Truth & Light and I aim to operate from the highest and purest frequency of these at all times. The caveat is, I’m human and so have my flaws, failings and fuck ups just like anyone. These moments help me grow and accept with humility the importance of staying grounded. 

I was born a highly sensitive and empathic child. I had no way of contextualising this in my early life, I thought everyone saw and felt energy the way I did. Like so many of us, my blissful connection to nature, animals and Spirit ended with the harsh reality of school. Being mind-squished and judged by a system that was inherently one dimensional was a huge creativity killer for me and my self-worth suffered.

Some four and a half decades later, gazillion different attempts at ‘regular jobs’, a few shocker relationships, a divorce and remarriage, kids, international moves, years of study and practice and a commitment to the never ending journey of ‘knowing better so I may do better’, here I am. Showing up as 100% me. Perfectly imperfect but here to support and encourage you to do the same. 

Formal credentials 

  • Quantum Human Design(TM) Level 2 Certification (currently working through Level 3)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) from Wellpark College, Auckland, NZ
  • Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, Wellpark College, NZ
  • Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine, Wellpark College NZ
  • Coaching certificate from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, USA
  • Coaching certificate from BY Coaching Academy, Melbourne
  • Certificate in Energetic Healing from The Energy Healing School, New York
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of Melbourne
  • Post graduate studies in Arts Curatorship from The University of Melbourne

    Informal credentials

    • Deep curiosity in the human psyche
    • Going through and overcoming many of my own crises
    • Working out how to be a healthy empath
    • Great sensitivity, that I now see as a gift
    • An ability to see the interconnectedness of things
    • A love of working with individuals and small groups