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Endings and New Beginnings

It’s the day of the first new moon in 2024 and I’m inspired to share a few things I learned and
went through last year and what I’m focussed on in this new year ahead.
I know, I know, it’s not the ‘real’ New Year. There’s been many a discussion in Truther
circles about this. I went deeper on it last year but honestly, right now, it’s just not a priority
for me to get stuck on.

Let’s just agree it’s the beginning of the Matrix-invented year of commerce and move on shall
we. I know that you guys who are more attuned to the cycles of nature will be feeling and
acting in accordance with your own Earthly resonance when it feels right to do so.
There’s also the whole problem of the two hemispheres – so the Spring equinox for some of
you in March is our Autumn (or fall) down here in the Southern hemisphere. A rabbit hole for
other rabbits.

Moving on, by calendar only then I’d like to briefly talk about the energy of last year as it
played out for me and what I did with it.

2023: An internal road full of potholes

It started with the death of my Mother in January 2023. It was an expected event, she’d been
unwell with Multiple Myeloma for two years. It’s a nasty way to go, hugely painful as the
bones develop hollow holes, the body begins breaking itself down into dust while the flesh is
still warm. The blood and very life force is dis-eased, and even though I wasn’t in the same
country or closely nursing my Mother I had dreams of what she was going through and
wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I wasn’t made aware of what were to be the final hours of her life, but I knew instinctively
anyway. I wrote her a last letter with all I had to say and trusted that it was read to her
accurately. I still don’t know what took place exactly, due to complicated and unhealthy lines
of communication with my immediate family but given the circumstances of this, I did what I
could. I connected in energetically, said what I needed to say, blessed her soul on its onward
journey and made peace with the outcome and the events that followed.
Grief comes in waves

Grief, as many of you will know is a funny thing. It comes in waves. To begin with they are
huge, gnarly waves that knock you off your feet and thrash you into the sand head first. Then
over some time you realise how much softer they’ve become. While the waves still occur,
they definitely lessen in intensity and simultaneously, we get better at handling them I

And so most of 2023 was spent riding these waves for me and noticing their reduction in
frequency and intensity over time but also watching the events and conversations that
increased their activity too. Losing my Mum was one thing, but I lost a whole family at the
same time for reasons I’m still not able to grasp because there’s been no conversation around
it. Feeling grief because someone significant in your life has died has a certain finality to it
that’s almost easier to accept than losing connection with someone for no apparent reason.

Interestingly, last year was a seven year globally and a nine year personally for me, in
numerology. Both speak to a very internal focus, so shadow work, spiritual questions and
deep diving through the layers of my psyche seemed very appropriate. Nine is also the year
of completion and endings. Losing Mum was a huge one but in addition we decided to finish
renovating our house and put it on the market and I made some internal shifts that have
culminated in ending some old beliefs and patterns around my business, my relationship with
money and with social relationships too.

Big shifts internally

As someone who considers themself to be part of the ‘truth and freedom’ movement and on
the path of awakening I experienced a big shift in terms of how I was taking in and
processing information, what I was willing to engage with and what I said ‘No’ to. And it’s
hard to put words to this….but how my energy feels in relationship to what’s going on in the
world also changed dramatically last year.

The interesting thing is, I noticed this in many people that I follow, who have big voices and
platforms in the space as well as in friends and others who are not necessarily public about
their views. I feel there has been a huge collective shift in our energy as a group from being
externally focussed on the hot mess out there to a re-calibration of our internal worlds.
Many of us have realised we can no longer run on the adrenaline of the last few years and
have turned inwards. Many of us have been doing work on our nervous systems to resettle
and regulate our bodies back to safety, so that we can continue the work from a strong and stable foundation. Others have been healing relationships or leaving relationships that they’ve

Shifts in my approach to my body

I’ve also noticed a big shift back towards the body and health but not the same fear-driven
approach of avoiding ‘all the things that can kill us’ or loading up on supplements that will
protect us from the danger of shedding, the vax, the emfs or the chem trails. I think many
people are beginning to calm down from the hype of all of that and just find the routines,
diets, exercise type and supplementation that works for them.
Personally, I returned to lifting resistance and doing some functional training which my body
seems to love more than hard out cardio, cross fit or anything too intense. It also gives me
more of a push than doing Pilates and yoga alone. I love the feeling of being strong and
having good mobility.

I’ve practically given supplementation away at this point. That may change as my body
changes, but for now, I’m not interested in taking things to protect me from baddies or harm.
I’m so grounded in a feeling of TRUST of my own body being able to adapt and handle all
the shit they’re throwing at us, that I’m at total ease around this. I make sure my water is well
filtered and clean. I eat natural, whole foods predominantly with some occasional processed
stuff but I don’t sweat the small stuff.

My mindfulness and spiritual practices also changed from a more earnest and regular
meditation and journaling practice to a relaxed just Being with what is and what comes up.
I’m interested in being present in MOST moments, rather than 90% distracted and 10% fully
present when I sit on my meditation cushion. Feeling the feels as they come through me,
pondering the wonders of the Universe while washing dishes or hanging my washing and of
course, walking in nature and surfing – my two favourite regular practices.

Looking to the year ahead

Usually, I like to listen to a bunch of people who read the energy and astrology of the coming
year and take my cues from them. So far this year, I haven’t done that so without any
assistance or influence I’m just feeling my own way into it.

To me, 2024, for the collective feels expansive, large, rocky, eye-opening, bombastic (strange

word that just came through!), light-filled, ‘crazy on full display’, financially-hyped, growth-
oriented and further dividing.

On a personal level, I’m back in a ‘one’ year and rather appropriately, I’m laying new
foundations and building. I’m building a house, building my business including a new
Human Design coaching program, I’m also launching and building a podcast. The energy
feels new, fresh and prosperous to me which I have to say is a massive change from the last
four years.

Despite my optimism, I also know that there are more challenges ahead for all of us. I know
at some point the financial system is going to go tits up and while I feel the demolition will
be someone controlled it’s an inevitable reality to be thinking about and preparing for. Our
Governments may also surprise us with some new invitations and offers that may require
ignoring or pushing back actively depending on what they are. My hope is that many of us
have had some practice with that now and won’t be so frightened of standing up to tyranny.

My approach to the unknown games that lie ahead is to be as ready as I can be and
work with what’s in my sphere of control. Here are my suggestions if this approach
appeals to you too;

  1. Get your body fit, healthy, strong and flexible.
  2. Make good sleep a priority as well as rest and relaxation to recharge your batteries.
  3. Get your administration and financial stuff under control and ordered, look at ways to
    diversify your holdings so that it’s not all in the bank but in a number of egg baskets.
  4. Build communities of like-minded people, local and online. Learn what one another’s
    strengths and skills are and begin sharing yours.
  5. Address any emotional pain, trauma, habits and patterns that don’t serve you. Get
    yourself in a solid headspace from which you can navigate the coming hurdles.

If you have any residue of saviour complexes hovering around in your imagination I’d
also take a good hard look at these. Waiting to be saved is NOT a strong, healthy pro-
active stance to take in this spiritual, mental and physical war. Whether it’s a religious
belief, a incoming president, or new prime minister, benevolent ET’s or an ascension
script that you’ve been following, now is the time to apply curious, logical thinking to
it and assess whether it will help you move forward from a place of personal power.

Personal power is the ability to stand on your own two feet with a smile on your face
in the middle of a universe that contains a million ways to crush you.

― J.Z. Colby

Big love & blessings to you all,

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