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Here I stand in the middle: An invitation to adopt the unglamorous but highly functional centre

I imagine myself in twenty years flicking through the photo album with my future grandchildren. I come across a photo of a bare-faced, bare-footed, natural woman with the first hints of silvering hair. And I’m telling them, ‘here I stand in 2022, somewhere between the doomsday preppers and the 5D ascendants, with my feet on the ground and a bemused look on my face.’ 

This is me most days. Doing my best to stay in touch with geo-political events, family and community happenings as well as my own feelings, thoughts and needs. And then trying to keep some level of sanity. 

That’s almost a full-time job in itself these days, let alone trying to run a business and raise critically thinking kids while discovering that most of what we’ve ever been taught is a lie and wondering how the heck it’s all going to play out. 

Some days I feel like I’m in alignment, on track, creating and working towards my goals. Other days it’s a shit show and I surrender to the common cocktail of gloomy geo-engineered skies, bad news and too much time staring at the screen of endless drama. I’m not going to pretend I have it all perfectly together, I’m human.

My primary goal at this point in time is to hold the fort of that place in the middle of far left, far right, far-fetched and far gone. 

I want to wiggle my feet into the sand and declare my own little no-fly-zone of certitude where I am Queen and dictate the terms of my existence, even if it applies to a diameter of three feet. 

I’m putting my stamp on a place free of signed up Covidian cultists who still insist on masking and vaxxing themselves into oblivion despite the overwhelming evidence that both are harming them. 

Free of authoritarian power trippers who think they can decide what’s best for me as they try every which way to further enslave humanity. A place where useless rules and illegitimate laws are null and void because of their obvious stupidity and insult to our true nature.

I want to be equally free of those who think we’re thoroughly fucked and that somehow a bunker full of tinned spaghetti will keep them safe when the aliens arrive. What good are those who will ditch you at the first mention of holding ground and instead choose to run faster, never stopping to question if their predator even has teeth.

And finally I must insist on resisting the ‘hopium’ addicts. Both those who believe in political superheroes, but equally, those who plan to leave this realm, ascending via liquid crystalline bodies high above ordinary humans. Good luck to them, at least they won’t be carbon taxed I guess. 

No human being who is in their centre can be hypnotised” – Michael Tsarion

So far this has proven itself in my personal experience. I’ve tried my best to apply the tools I’ve learned over many years to stay in my centre, aware of my thoughts, my emotional triggers and importantly to stay embodied. When I succeed, I am unshakeable.

But when I get knocked off centre by any one factor, powerful enough, or a sneaky cocktail of ingredients that combine to pitch me sideways into the brambles, it’s obvious that’s where I become vulnerable to hypnotism by the con artists.

And there are many! Just waiting and watching for that first wobble so they can swoop in with solutions to problems you haven’t even considered yet.

Lately, I’ve been realising just how much BS exists within the so-called ‘Truth Movement’. So many players are masquerading as spiritual leaders but like the message in a fortune cookie, you soon recognise the repetitive empty promises printed on cheap paper.

Remedies to stay centred

So what can we do to stay in our centre, in the middle of our embodied self and ride this chaotic information war out? Here is a list of some of the things that help me stay balanced. Feel free to add, subtract and make it your own and then use this list to help you as needed.

  • Taking a break from too much time scrolling online
  • Prioritising your sleep, both quality and quantity
  • Reducing sugar in the diet and eliminating artificial ingredients
  • Reducing coffee or taking a break entirely, especially if you feel anxious
  • Making time to do ‘no-thing’, sit, think, contemplate
  • Get outside in the sunshine, or just in nature
  • Increase grounding foods such as root vegetables and meat if you eat it
  • Reduce your time around people who are intense, anxious and in fear
  • Allow time for slow and deep conversation with people you love
  • Put your own self-care needs at top of the ‘to do’ list
  • Be less reactive and more creative in everyday life

This is an invitation for my fellow earth-dwelling, free-thinking, body-inhabiting readers to join me in the middle and be okay with it. It may not be as exciting as a simulated reality or as seductive as 5D but you’ll find some sweet perks like shroom lattes and beach walks with good soulful folk.

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